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Mothman has been described as a humanoid creature, standing between 7-10 ft. tall (2-3 m), with glowing red eyes and large moth-like wings. His wingspan has also been reported to be 10 ft (3 m).  He has also been described as a “large bird with red eyes” as well as a creature with eyes that “glowed like bicycle reflectors.” During an interview with witness Linda Scarberry she describes it as a “slender, muscular man" about seven feet tall with white wings.

It is believed Mothman gets his name from the Batman comic villain Killer Moth, first seen in Detective Comics issue 173, in July 1951. Coined by newspaper reporters. Killer Moth resembled a muscular man with insect-like wings when he was first introduced in the comics, though his eye coverings were white. In later editions his eyes coverings were changed to red. The wings never looked particularly close to the wings of a moth until Walker became Charaxes.


The first sighting of Mothman took place on November 15, 1966. Roger and Lina Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette claim to have seen a creature with eyes that “glowed red” near the sight of a former World War II munitions plant they called the “TNT area.” Both couples claimed the creature flew after their car when they fled, screeching. 

After newspapers reported the sightings, other people came forward over the next few days to share their sightings as well. The sightings were blamed on both a large heron and a sandhill crane noted in the area. For reference, sandhill cranes have a wingspan of seven feet (2 m). The sandhill crane suggestion was made by wildlife biologist Robert L. Smith. Barred owls were also blamed for the sightings, with skeptic Joe Nickell claiming the red eyes of the Mothman were really a red-eye effect in barred owl eyes due to flashlights or other bright light sources. Overall, there were at least 100 sightings of Mothman between 1966 and 1967. There were also reports of others afraid to come forward and officially report their sightings to police or newspapers. 

On December 15, 1967 Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, collapsed killing 46 people. Mothman’s appearance was linked to this collapse as a warning.

While his most popular sighting takes place in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, from November 15, 1966, to December 15, 1967 there have been similar sightings in other places. There have been owlmen sightings in England, winged humanoid sightings in Minnesota and California and other similar sightings around the U.S.A. Similar to the Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant, Mothman sightings have also been linked to the 1999 Russian apartment bombings. On paranormal websites and forums, as recently as this month,  Mothman or Mothman-like sightings have continued to be reported.

John Keel: 

John Keel is the author of the book The Mothman Prophecies. In his book, Mr. Keel claims to have received mysterious phone calls that would share prophecies with him that later came true. He claims the bridge collapse in Point Pleasant was one of those prophecies, along with the assassination of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. It is worth noting that in the movie adaptation, with the same name, the phone calls are recorded and experts claim human vocal cords could not produce that sound. This was for the movie only as Mr. Keel was unable to record any of the incoming calls, the results were nothing but static.

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