A podcast illustrating the inspiring abilities of insects! Each episode an artist and entomologist create a new bug-themed superhero.

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Kelly Zimmerman is a doctoral student studying mosquito ecology and genetics. Her master's degree focused on arthropod sensory ecology. She is an adjunct professor at Monmouth University and Montclair State University. 

First cosplay: Sailor Jupiter, age 13 

IG: FillsYourNiche




Amanda Niday is an illustrator whose art has been featured in Teen Vogue. She has a bachelor's degree in art history focusing on comic books. She has two children and a husband who are not fans of bugs (yet!)

First cosplay: Supergirl, age 3 

IG: AmandaAllenNiday



Also here!

Derek Conrad spent several years as a biological field technician across the country studying bats and insects before becoming a wildlife control operator. He has three pet cats and several hundred dermestid beetles.

First cosplay: Alan Grant, age 7 

IG: CapitolRotunda