The Trash-Man

various cockroach species and life stages trapped on a glue board
various cockroach species and life stages trapped on a glue board
an Australian cockroach which Producer Derek had as a pet. Her name was Bernadette
western subterranean termites

Derek’s Field Notes

Our guests on this episode are the hosts of ARTHRO-POD. Check out their podcast!

Common Name: Cockroaches! 

Order: Blattodea; termites were formerly Isoptera. 

Family: We primarily discussed cockroaches in the Blattidae family as this group includes the species you, the listener, are most likely to encounter. 

Species of Note:

Life Cycle: 

Cockroaches exhibit incomplete metamorphosis. Eggs are contained within an ootheca and nymphs undergo several molts before becoming (typically) winged adults. 


Cockroaches are found on every continent, except Antarctica. There are about 30 species which are closely associated with humans, excluding termites.

Super Powers:

Our Guests:

Jonathon Larson (@bugmanjon)

Jody Green (@jodybugsmeUNL)

Michael Skvarla (@MSkvarla36)

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